Let your Heart Lead the Way

Follow the call of your heart and find the courage to live a more meaningful and fully self expressed life.







The Heartworker offers Coaching, Creative Courses and Inspiration for those Committed to following the Call of their Hearts.

Hi, I am Ann The Heartworker - a Coach and Creative, Author and Artist.

I help you open your heart to all of who you are, so you may find the courage to express yourself wholeheartedly.

I want you to know you matter.
I want you to show your colours and sing your song.
I want you to be able to stand in your power so you may be a joyful force for good in the world.

Before you read on, may I suggest you stop for a moment. Put your hand on your heart and breathe into it. Now close your eyes.

What do you feel? What do you notice? What do you need?

The Three Keys

Get Ready To Express Yourself Wholeheartedly

 Living from the heart is so beautifully simple and, yet, in our busy lives not always easy, as we are often trained and triggered to live our lives from our thinking mind. Spending too much time in our heads, however, disconnects us from our heart and makes us forget who we are.

Simply love in action.

When we remember to come back to our heart, we will know peace and joy and are able to move forward with resilience and a greater sense of self and purpose.

It’s not all about giving and Ann explains it so well!

The heart is a portal


What does it mean to live wholeheartedly? The dictionary will tell you that it means ‘living with complete sincerity and commitment’, which is true.

It doesn’t tell you, however, that our heart is the portal to our soul and highest self

As we work from the heart, it expands and ripples out to touch and inspire the hearts of others in ways we cannot explain but can feel.

I have never met anyone who can have such an impact on people’s lives. My work with Ann meant for me that, in a short period of time, I connected to my heart and true self. I can never thank her enough for this …

A hero’s journey


Although living wholeheartedly brings a deep sense of meaning and fulfilment, from personal and professional experience I also know that a heart-led life is not for the fainthearted.

Wholehearted living requires commitment, courage, humility, acceptance and last but not least, a great dollop of compassion for yourself and others.

You could call it a hero’s journey.

Thank you for holding a clear path for me through some sad moments. I know that I am stronger and wiser now as a result of your loving guidance. I will miss seeing your face and beholding the light that you hold on this earth. You are a gifted woman, Ann, and I am so glad you are fighting that dragon every day to keep sharing all you know….

Helping you find your way


Living wholeheartedly requires others to believe in you when you forget to believe in yourself and this is where I come in.

In my work as a Coach and Creative I will give you the loving support and gentle guidance you need to help you find your confidence and motivation as you explore your next steps with more clarity and purpose.

In my work as an Author and Artist I hope to bring a little more consciousness, reflection, hope, inspiration and light into your life.


I just wanted to follow up on our session … It was nothing short of transformative and as a result of that, and a couple of other life changes I am making, I really feel the world better. It was almost like I was a shadow of my former self previously. Thank you so much! …