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By Ann Skinner

Coach, Doodle Artist and Author/Illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon.

6 Jan 2022

Evolution over Resolution


Although the start of a new year can bring feelings of hope and possibility, it can also bring the pressure of unrealistic expectations and shaky New Year’s resolutions.

Suddenly we decide we need to change, get healthy, hit the gym, start running, do yoga, eat vegan, stop alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate etc, etc.

Although I don’t want to discourage you from taking positive action, there is a huge amount of evidence that suggests that most of us fail as soon as our willpower wanes. Historically, by the third week of January.

The problem is, we tend to make these resolutions when we are feeling bad about ourselves after a period of overindulgence. It isn’t the best of motivations and doesn’t create a very strong and positive foundation to help you tackle something you generally don’t want to do.

If New Year’s resolutions haven’t served you in the past, perhaps you can consider embracing a New Year’s evolution The Heartworker’s Way instead.

What we focus on expands, so instead of focussing on the thing that makes you miserable, find something you love and commit to doing a little more of it on a regular basis. Make sure it is easy for you to do and serves you and your values.

When your change is driven by love instead of lack, sooner or later you may find yourself signing up for a yoga class or decide you are ready to let alcohol go. This time it won’t just be because you feel bad about yourself, but because you have evolved and are learning to love yourself.

Love from Annie and Eva,

by Ann The Heartworker

Coach and Creative – Founder of The Heartworker’s Way and Creator of Annie and Eva.

Find out more:  www.theheartworkersway.com

Find out more about our book here www.annieandeva.com

Contact me: ann@theheartworker.com

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